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Our Manufacturing Plant
  • Profile
    Total area of:
    8000 square meters
    (86111 square feet)
    Located in:
      Xincheng Zone, Wenzhou
    Built in 1990

  • Staff Details
    Production Staff: 300 to 349
    QC Staff: 30 to 39
    R&D Staff: 10 to 19

Our factory in Wenzhou, China

Our workshop center

  • Site Advantages/Description
    The distance to the airport is 18 kilometers, to the railway station is 3 kilometers, to the seaport is 5 kilometers and to the city center is 2 kilometers.

  • Materials/Components
    Injection molding machine
    Compression casting machine
    Linear cutting machine

  • Machinery/Production Process
    Our factory is equipped with a series of machinery and appliances for processing shaving products and hair-care items. From mold development to packing, our customers can be assured of satisfactory products.

Packing workshop
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